As we all know, the maintenance of granite is very important, which is related to the life of granite and whether its glossiness remains beautiful. So we must first understand the properties of stone. Generally, after granite becomes diseased, we need to understand the cause of the disease. Do not use maintenance agents at will, just like a doctor should not rush to seek medical treatment without understanding the situation.

Shell mosaic is made of pure natural mother-of-pearl shells: white disc shells, black disc shells, yellow disc shells, abalone shells, cow ear shells, pink shells, etc. It is a relatively large brick or piece. Its surface is crystal clear, colorful, noble and charming, exuding the breath of nature. Its pure naturalness and environmental protection can keep consumers away from radiation and formaldehyde pollution, and it is deeply favored by people. Therefore, it is widely used in small indoor areas, background walls and indoor large and small walls, as well as decorative drawing boards, furniture surface decoration, shell crafts, clothing accessories, etc. At the same time, it can also be made into shell tiles, shell marble, etc. It is a more personalized and new product compared to traditional mosaics.

Slate is a metamorphic rock formed by the transformation of clay under high temperature and pressure. Very homogeneous and dark in color, with shades ranging from dark gray to black, it is commonly used on floors and roofs due to its durability and appearance.

"Step into a realm of luxury and elegance with every stride on our meticulously selected grey marble stairs, where each tread echoes the gentle flow of clouds and streams.""Where the delicate touch of grey stone meets timeless design, simplicity blends seamlessly with sophistication, etching an everlasting elegance into your home."

Seamless splicing of stone countertops is a high-end, precise craft that involves meticulous measurement, precise cutting, and professional bonding techniques to tightly connect multiple stone pieces, creating a visually and tactilely seamless appearance. This not only imparts a sense of grandeur but also effectively prevents dirt buildup, making it easy to clean and maintain. It significantly enhances the overall cohesion and practicality of spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. This technique demands rigorous standards for both the quality of the stone and the construction expertise, ensuring that the countertops are robust, durable, and appear as one harmonious entity, exuding elegance and sophistication.

How to design the edge shape of marble windowsill? Natural stone has grand colors, is beautiful and high-end, is strong and durable, is not afraid of the sun, and will not deform. It is very suitable for bay window countertops.

Taj Mahal Quartzite is a stunning natural stone quarried in Brazil. It is highly regarded for its elegant appearance, resembling the famous Taj Mahal monument in India. Taj Mahal Quartzite exhibits a soft, creamy color palette with delicate veining and subtle variations that contribute to its timeless beauty.

The Stone Dry Hanging System, also termed as Air Suspension Method, is an innovative technique in modern decoration materials where decorative stones are affixed to walls or suspended from a steel framework without mortar or adhesive application. This method operates by strategically placing the primary load-bearing points onto the main structural elements. The stones are then attached to the buildings facade via metal hangers, creating a stone-clad curtain wall. This approach eliminates the traditional need for grouting, thereby reducing weight on the structure and enhancing the ease and flexibility of installation, while maintaining the integrity and aesthetic appeal of the stone veneer.

Raw stone and onyx slabs transform into high-quality products through selection, precision cutting, multi-stage grinding & polishing, meticulous layout design, defect repair, quality checks, protective treatment, secure packaging, and delivery.

I wonder if you have noticed that from marble to today’s popular sintered stone, the restoration and fidelity of corporate imitation stone products have reached a state of perfection. This year, sintered stone has been seizing the C position in major exhibitions with a high-profile attitude, and it has surpassed all types of plates with its superior performance and decorative effect. So, what exactly is the difference between marble and sintered stone?

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Sintered Stone Installation It’s incredibly important to have the right tools for the job when it comes to installing a new paver project. Professional tools for Sintered Stone installation including, Suction Cups Lifter, Tape Measure, Level Ruler, Infrared Laser Level Meter, Telescopic Empty Drum Hammer, Hand-Operated Ink Fountain, Electric Hand Mixer, V-Notch Trowel, Rubber Clapper, Vibrator Motor, Tile Leveling System, Stone Seam Setter, Cleaning Sponge and Vacuum Slab Lifter.

Panda White Marble is a breathtaking and visually captivating natural stone, hailing from the quarries of China. This marble variety is renowned for its mesmerizing and intricate black and white color fluid swirls pattern, reminiscent of the graceful movements found in natures most beautiful formations.

Calacatta Viola Marble is an extraordinary and opulent natural stone, distinguished by its rarity and captivating beauty. This luxurious marble boasts a stunning combination of purple and white veining patterns that create a visual spectacle reminiscent of a piece of art. The base color of the marble is a pure white, providing a pristine and elegant backdrop for the bold and striking veins.

Lemurian Blue Granite, also called Labradorite Blue Granite, is a natural dark green anorthosite stone.As the name suggests, Lemurian Blue Granite showcases a predominantly blue color palette. The shade of blue can vary from lighter to deeper tones, often resembling hues of navy blue, steel blue, or even hints of turquoise. The stone may exhibit variations in color and veining, creating a visually captivating and dynamic appearance.

Patagonia Granite features a creamy white background that forms the base of the stone. On this creamy canvas, youll find an enchanting display of darker cream, black, and rusty brown flakes and shades dispersed throughout the surface. These contrasting colors create a mesmerizing pattern that evokes a sense of depth and character in the stone.