We are a one-stop supplier of stone items for your decoration whatever for your family house,villa, office, mansion, hotel and any other project. We offer different types of stone items for your wall background decoration.

In home decoration, if you want to make the furniture environment unique and stunning, then the marble staircase with rich natural colors and natural patterns must be your best choice.

Getting calacatta white marble and granite countertops for your home decoration is a guaranteed way to give them a luxurious and elegant look.

Natural onyx stone is a hot trend in decorating. Onyx marble has excellent uses. Onyx marble is used most often as a fireplace surround; bar top, or as a small island as it transmits light.

Xiamen Ydstone supply custom cut luxury marble, onyx marble.

Xiamen Ydstone offering all kinds of new China white marbles with good price. Those are Chinese carrara white marble, cremo delicato marble, Chinese calacatta oro marble, pure white marble, white marble with gold veins, new volakas white marble.

Elegant and noble white marble has gradually become a favorite in the design field. The unique texture of marble has always been loved by the majority of homeowners.

Marble temperament is noble, surfaces is exquisite, burnish is silky have very strong decorative.

The ways clean marble in the bathroom include: : 1. Clean the marble surface in time after using the bathroom. 2. • 2. Polish marble surfaces regularly.

Natural marble is the precious resource that nature has given us. Natural marbles are unique. Artificial marble can be produced closer to nature. It is very convenient to take care of it.

The color difference and pattern of natural marble are a kind of beauty,its natural and common, Marble is not an industrial product,its natural formed by millions of years.Its texture and color absorb the essence of nature.

We will go for the coverings 2018 which will be held in Atlanta during May,8 to 11,2018. Engineer stone ,natural marble

Ultra-thin stone in the decoration of the construction steps

We will go for The Big 5 which will be held in Dubai during Nov.26 to No.29,2017. Our booth No. is Rashid G237. We will exhibit our advantage beige and grey natural marble, and white artificial stone.

We will go for The Big 5 which will be held in Dubai during Nov.26 to No.29,2017. Engineer stone ,natural marble

We will go for The Big 5 which will be held in Dubai during Nov,26 to No,29,2017. Engineer stone ,natural marble