Is Agate and Marble the same?

Agate is not a marble. It is two completely different stones. Agate refers to chalcedony with a ribbon structure, which is a gelatinous mineral whose main component is silica. The hardness is 6.5-7. The specific gravity is 2.65. The fracture is shell-shaped, transparent to translucent, and the glass is shiny. Agate quality should be white, due to the presence of colored ions or other impurities, will appear gray, red, blue and other colors. The natural red agate is “burned red” and the heat treatment makes the light red agate turn bright red. High quality white agate can also be dyed in a variety of colors.

Is granite or marble better for flooring?

The building stone decoration mainly consists of marble and granite. Marble is mainly used indoors, and granite is mainly used for outdoors. Marble and granite for interior and exterior finishes are good and durable, but they are expensive, so they are used in projects with high requirements for public buildings and decorative grades.

How do you remove water stains from marble?

Marble is not only porous stone that absorbs various liquids, but is also easily dyed. Marble kitchen countertops can be easily stained. Some liquids, such as juice, seasoning, vinegar, etc. will be missed on the countertop from time to time. Even water will leave water stains on the marble if the glass is placed on the marble surface for a long time. Remember to use a neutral cleaner when removing stains on marble. Do not use a bleaching agent, also do not use hard brushes or abrasive cleaners. Like other stones, the best way to prevent marble stains is to clean up the spilled liquid in time.

Can you use vinegar on marble floors?

Do not use vinegar, lemon juice, or other cleaners containing acids on marble floors. The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which reacts with acetic acid. Acetic acid can corrode marble floors.

How do you clean your marble bathroom?

Wipe the marble bathroom by a dry towel or rubber roller after using in time.Daily cleaning can use neutral marble cleaners available on the market. Be careful not to use acidic cleaners that may damage the shiny surface of the marble. Use marble polishing powder polish marble surfaces regularly.
These ways will extend the use of the marble on the shiny surface of the bathroom.

How do you take care of marble countertops?

If you use marble countertops in your kitchen, keep it dry after use to prevent the sewage from penetrating. It can solve the discoloration of marble. The oil stains should be wiped in time. Try not to place high-temperature objects directly on the countertop, so as not to burn the stone surface.Use special mats to protect your marble countertops. The best way to protect the marble countertops from being scratched is to do regular sealing of the marble surface. Sealing can make your marble countertop less likely to get stains, reduce scratches, prevent water infiltration, and make the surface look cleaner and brighter. Merchants often seal when installing marble countertops, but the effect of the seal will gradually fade after years of use. You need to reseal the marble countertops to maintain their strength and beauty effect.

What are the colors of marble?

Based on the basic color of the polished surface, marble can be roughly divided into eight series: 

White marble.

Black marble. 

Grey marble.

Beige, cream, yellow, gold, orange marble.

Brown , coffee marble.

Red, pink, purple marble.

Green marble.

Blue marble.

What is the difference between marble and granite?

Natural stone is mainly divided into marble and granite. The marble has streamlined veined pattern and is delicate in texture. Granite has granular crystalline and flocculent  flecks. Marble decoration ideas is better than granite, and granite hardness is stronger than marble. Marble is not suitable for outdoor used, and is easy to stained. Marble mainly used for processing into slabs, tiles for wall, floor, countertops and column of buildings. Granite texture is relatively hard, easier to maintain than marble, suitable for outdoor used.

What is marble used for in everyday life?

Natural marble widely used in interior and exterior flooring,wall cladding,countertops,table tops,worktops and any tops.Window sill,door frame, threshold,and paving,stone statue,marble plate and cups,Candle holder and any kinds of marble products you will see in the daily life.

What are the different types of marble?

The natural marble varied by different texture or veins or places of original. For Chinese marble, we usually have the white ,grey,beige,green,black,brown and red color marble; 
Chinese famous marble is as below:

Asian white marble,wooden white marble,wooden grey marble,Ming green marble,wooden brown marble,Saint laurent marble,black marquino marble and so on.
There are large different colors and texture chinese marble for your selection.