Ultra thin sheets marble veneer

Ultra thin sheets marble veneer

Stone type:         Natural marble and granite
Backing:              Fiberglass

Usage:              Interior Wall, exterior facade, ceiling, columns & pillars, bathrooms and showers, elevator walls, countertops/vanity tops/table tops,  furniture and millwork,  trade exhibitions

Thickness:          1-5mm, or Customized           
Finished:             Polished, Honed and Brushed      
Size:                   305*305mm (12"x12"), 305*610mm(12"x24"), 610*610mm(24"x24"), 610*1220mm(24"x48"), 762 x 1524 mm(30"x60"), Cut-to-Size               
Installation mode recommended: Gluing


Product name
1mm flexible natural stone panel ultra thin sheets marble veneer
Stone Type
Average weight: 1-2mm thickness,average weight 2kgs per sqm
Stone Surface Finish: Polished, Honed and Brushed.
1-5mm, or Customized
Biggest Size
1-2mm size 1200*600mm
3-5mm size 2440*1220mm
3-5mm biggest size for some slate material 3050*1220mm
Average Weight
1-2mm thickness,average weight 2kgs per sqm
Stone Surface Finishs
Polished, Honed and Brushed
Cutting Machine
Tool scissors, Portable marble cutting machine, Portable angle grinder, Infrared bridge cutting machine, Table saw
Installation Instructions:
1. Measure size-paste textured paper-draw lines
2. Stone cutting and edge grinding
(1. Tool scissors for cutting, 2. Hand-held marble cutting machine.)
3. If there is a need to dig holes, using a hand-held electric drill to punch around first and then use a hand-held angle grinder
to cut.
4. Stone gluing (even grid-like gluing, at least 1 cm away from the edge of the stone to prevent glue overflowed)
5. DIY collage according to your own preference
( Can leave 2-3mm gap sealant treatment.Also can be combined with aluminum alloy transition strips, edge strips, and external
corner strips. )
Interior Wall
Exterior Facade
Columns & Pillars
Bathrooms and showers
Elevator walls
Countertops/vanity Tops/Table Tops
Furniture surface and Millwork/Household products surface.
Applicable Substrate
Wood, metal, acrylic, glass, ceramic, cement board, Gypsum board and other flat surface.
Can it be bending?
Can it be rolled up?
Thickness 1-2mm Can be rolled up.
Can it to be drill?
Can it be transparent?

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