Advantages of Stone Dry Hanging Method:

1.Enhanced Durability: By circumventing the conventional wet paste process, the system effectively prevents common issues such as panel hollowing, cracking, and peeling, thereby significantly boosting the safety and longevity of the building.


2.Aesthetic Preservation: It completely eliminates the potential for whitening and discoloration often seen on surfaces adhered through traditional methods, thus ensuring the curtain wall remains clean, attractive, and well-preserved over time.


3.Improved Work Conditions and Efficiency: The dry hanging method streamlines the installation process, reducing the physical demands on workers and lightening their labor intensity. This, in turn, accelerates the overall construction timeline and contributes to more efficient project completion.

Now we will show you the construction technology of dry hanging stone.

1) Dry hanging stone-steel skeleton

2) Dry hanging stone-telescopic joint


3) Dry hanging stone-manual slotting

4) Dry hanging stone-finish hanging

5) Dry hanging stone-front side

After stone installation, fill gaps between stones with a suitable sealant to ensure aesthetics and prevent water or substance penetration. Apply the colour-matched or transparent stone sealant evenly into the joints using a caulking gun and level it with a trowel. Upon curing, this creates a waterproof, seamless barrier that enhances durability and visual continuity of the stone surface.