Material Selection and Cutting

  • To begin, expert teams select top-quality raw stone and jade slabs from quarries, evaluating color, texture, density, and internal defects to ensure premium base material.
  • State-of-the-art infrared cutting equipment or large circular saws are then used to accurately cut the slabs based on design plans and customer requirements, minimizing waste while unlocking the inherent beauty of the stone.

桔子玉a (5).jpg

Initial Grinding and Rough Processing

  • After cutting, the slabs undergo initial rough grinding to remove burrs, sharp edges, and rough surfaces, gradually revealing a smooth base layer.

Precision Edge Grinding and Chamfering

  • As per design specifications, precise edge grinding is carried out, ensuring straight and flawless edges on each slab. Customized chamfering may be applied where necessary for enhanced dimensionality and safety.

Precise Layout Design and Pattern Matching

  • For projects requiring continuous textures or specific pattern layouts, meticulous layout designs are conducted to ensure a natural transition between adjacent slabs, achieving visual harmony overall.

玉石加工 (201).jpg

玉石加工 (161).jpg

Fine Polishing

  • Following multiple rounds of fine-grinding processes, using various grit abrasives and polishing machines, the surface of the stone is refined to a smooth, lustrous finish akin to that of fine jade.

Comprehensive Quality Inspection and Grading

  • The quality control department conducts a thorough inspection of every completed stone and jade slab, checking parameters such as dimensional accuracy, flatness, glossiness, and color consistency, confirming they meet the finished product standards and grading them accordingly.

玉石加工 (203).jpg

Anti-stain and Protective Treatment

  • The finished stone slabs undergo necessary anti-stain and waterproof treatments to enhance durability and ease of maintenance, prolonging their lifespan.

Secure Packaging and Labeling

  • Finally, the slabs are securely wrapped in specialized stone packaging materials and reinforced for safe transportation. Each package is accompanied by detailed certificates of conformity, serial numbers, and installation guidelines.