Natural marble is a gift from nature, so the texture of each piece is unique. The texture of high-quality stone is clear, smooth and delicate, and the colors are rich and diverse.


Sintered stone is processed by calcining at high temperatures, so the appearance of the same type of slab is highly consistent, although the texture is close to natural stone. There are also many styles.


The Mohs hardness of marble is 2.5-5. The texture is dense but not hard. It is easy to process, carve, grind and polish;


The Mohs hardness of sintered stone is 6-7. It is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant. You can cut vegetables on the rock slab without being damaged.



The density of marble varies greatly according to different varieties, and is generally looser. However, marble interior decoration can also be durable if it is well maintained.


Sintered stone is denser and has strong waterproof and stain resistance.


Marble is physically stable, has a well-organized structure, and the grains fall off when impacted. The surface does not have burrs, which does not affect its plane accuracy. The material is stable and can ensure no deformation for a long time. The linear expansion coefficient is small, the mechanical precision is high, it is antimagnetic, insulating, and non-magnetized. It can move smoothly during measurement without any stagnation, is not affected by moisture, and has good surface stability.


Sintered stone has high stability, is durable, does not change color or deform.