Unique black and white interweaving and blending

Naturally formed, with a distinct sense of hierarchy

The seemingly casual texture highlights the bold and free spirited charm

Not implicative or artificial

Arbitrary behavior, arbitrary personality

panda white 40.jpg

Panda white marble is produced in Sichuan, China. On the white base, the black patterns flow freely and gracefully, like an unintentional work after a slight drunkenness. As if the connection between nature and humanity is a long-term interaction, Panda White Marble is like a traditional Chinese ink painting, with the exquisite poetic charm of Wu Guanzhong's ink painting. It showcases its unique charm in various stone materials and is worthy of being called a "national treasure".

Panda White has a pure white background and strongly contrasting black lines, with wider stripes and thicker wavy patterns, forming white crystals on a transparent substrate, presenting a feeling of clarity and luxury. Leave a large amount of blank space to unleash people's free and unlimited imagination, while also possessing a sense of elegance and refinement.