Also known as calacatta viola

Born noble bloodline

Classic pattern of round flower cookies

White flowing with a low-key and luxurious black purple

Reveal noble elegance and just the right beauty
卡紫b (33).jpg

Originally named Calacatta Purple, Bulgari originates from the Calacatta Mountains in Italy and is used alongside Calacatta Green as a classic stone for the Roman Pantheon.

As a classic Italian marble with a long history, due to the extensive use of this stone in New York's Bulgari, it gradually became well-known to the public and became a darling of the design industry.
The use of the background wall perfectly reflects the beauty of Bulgari, with natural and elegant textures, full of a simple and elegant aesthetic.

Home Furnishings

The natural pattern, paired with a minimalist design, is actually a low-key and exquisite with a hint of restraint

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