As an imported luxury stone, blue jadeite comes with a unique blue light of moonlight stone. Black mica coexists with the gemstone wherever it exists, presenting different light sensations during the day and night, making people feel like they are in the universe and the Milky Way, creating a mysterious and romantic atmosphere.


Colorful and glossy patterns

Visible Moonlight Gemstone Crystals

Changing with visual changes

Constructed a unique visual hierarchy

Make the spatial effect more malleable

The uncanny craftsmanship of nature endows this blue jade with unique cracks, and the swaying blue moonlight gemstone allows for different views from different angles.

The highly ornamental countertop makes it highly sought after in furniture, and blue jadeite emits a unique mysterious charm under the refraction of light, just like stars shining brightly.

蓝翡翠c (19).jpg

The serene blue light paired with the unrestrained stone texture perfectly presents their respective postures under the light. Who can refuse such a high beauty home.

Moonlight stone and mica interweave into a romantic dream, adding a touch of softness and vitality to the entire space, creating a dynamic and ever-changing spatial temperament without losing a romantic atmosphere.

蓝翡翠 (16).jpg