Yuanda Stone Furniture
    Stone furniture is furniture decorated with marble, which is made together with other materials such as wood and metal. Because marble ware has special natural and beautiful patterns, it has a sense of thickness and value. People not only like to use them to decorate floors and walls, but also extend their love of marble to furniture.

    Classification of stone, stone furniture (marble furniture) is generally divided into three types, one is natural stone and the other is artificial stone.

    Natural stone has a natural texture and is cut from large stone raw materials. It has the highest value and natural texture. Some jade has a sense of transparency and is very beautiful. There are many kinds of natural stone. The marble used in furniture generally includes blue jadeite, Calacatta purple, Pandora, fish maw gold, jade, marble and other varieties.


Advantages of stone furniture

1. High gloss, beautiful appearance

    The surface texture and luster of most stone furniture are very good, giving people a feeling of natural lubrication, which can decorate the living space beautifully and elegantly. Because the sturdiness of the stone itself is very good, the wear resistance of stone furniture can kill other furniture in seconds. No matter it is rubbed against anything, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged. In addition, stone furniture can be said to be a hundred in furniture. Matching style, no matter what type of home decoration style it is, it can be perfectly integrated with it without any sense of disobedience. Stone furniture can be used in Chinese style and European style, which is both classy and beautiful when matched .

2. Thick:

    The thickness of stone furniture has two meanings. One is that it is heavy, and it is not easy to move the position at will, which plays a good role in fixing; the other is that the lines are rough, and stone furniture reflects a tough and atmospheric home atmosphere.

3. Cool:

If you feel that rattan furniture is not easy to take care of, and bamboo furniture is not comfortable enough, then this summer, you can move a rosin jade chair home to enjoy the cool. After polishing and waterproof and anti-fouling treatment, the surface of stone furniture) is smooth, and the cool and cool touch makes the heat and dryness go away.

4. Concise:

Because the stone is hard and difficult to cut, most stone furniture will not change deliberately in shape, but instead focus on simple and smooth lines. This point allows the stone to bring out a bit of modern and simple atmosphere under the "traditional" face. However, in order to pursue artistic effects, some small works still use the difficult process of hand-carving.

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The main application of stone furniture
Kitchen, living room floor, TV background wall, balcony, cabinet countertop, bathroom floor, window sill, decorations, etc.

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