What Is Quartz Stone?

  Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on Earth. Because of its strength and abundance, quartz is a popular and reliable choice for countertops.

  Quartz stone is a new type of stone made of more than 90% quartz sand powder as the main aggregate, resin, pigment and other auxiliary materials as the main bonding material. After mixing, it is made by vacuum pressure vibration molding, curing and processing. A kind of non-radioactive pollution, reusable environmental protection, green new building materials and decorative materials.

  The types of quartz stone are powder quartz, green quartz, white quartz and yellow quartz. Quartz raw materials are divided into categories: ordinary quartz sand, refined quartz sand, high-purity quartz sand, fused silica sand, and silica powder.



Benefits Of Quartz Stone

01 Anti-break, no scratches

  The quartz stone plate is formed and solidified by vacuum vibration extrusion, with high density and strong hardness. The Mohs hardness is as high as 6 (10 is the highest hardness, and diamond is 10), which is break-resistant and not easy to scratch.

02 High temperature resistance

  The melting point of quartz stone plate is above 1300°. Such a melting point also means that it can be used in complex kitchen environments!

03 The pattern is all over the body, the same as the outside and inside

  Quartz stone contains more than 90% of quartz sand minerals. Combined with classic color matching, it presents a more textured and more aesthetic appearance than natural stone. Even, quartz stone has a three-dimensional overall pattern beauty, which is consistent on the outside and inside, and can be used in many fields.

04 Anti-penetration, acid and alkali resistance

  Quartz stone undergoes complex surface treatment technology and polishing process. The product structure is extremely tight, fine and non-porous, and the water absorption rate is almost zero; it has strong anti-pollution and is not easy to penetrate stains; oil, sauce, tea, juice, coffee, Acids, alkalis and other substances are impermeable.

05 Anti-bacteria and anti-mildew

  Because the surface layer of the board and the inside of the material are also dense and uniform, without pores and gaps, it can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, is safe and clean, and can be in direct contact with food and skin, and is harmless to food hygiene and human health.

06 No fading, no discoloration, timeless

  Yuanda quartz stone adopts international high-quality pigments. During the whole production process, it adopts the whole process of automatic control equipment, which makes the product color standard highly uniform. During the long-term daily use indoors, quartz stone will not fade color and luster due to oxidation, aging, corrosion, contact with hot objects and other reasons.

07 Strong toughness

  Finally, it should be noted that the quality of quartz stone is directly related to the resin content. Within the standard range, the higher the content of quartz in the quartz stone, the lower the amount of resin, the better the quality, the closer to natural, the less likely to be deformed.

Quartz Stone Applications

01 living room

  As the main place for family activities, the living room is also the movement hub and traffic throat of the entire home space. The layout of the living room directly affects the division of the entire space layout and functional configuration.

  Artificial stone is applied to the living room. The large size of 3230x1610mm can be used as a background wall, and can also be used as a TV cabinet to create beautiful furniture. No matter where it is applied in the living room or in any style, it can easily create a sense of quality and ritual in ordinary life.

02 kitchen

  A well-behaved kitchen will greatly reduce the joy of cooking. And reasonable layout and cabinet customization can fundamentally determine the appearance and structure of the kitchen.

The L-shaped kitchen layout can perfectly realize the three functions of "washing-cutting-frying". Make the kitchen line smoother and more convenient to operate.

  Cabinets are the core of the kitchen, and custom materials for cabinets cannot be sloppy. The artificial stone custom dining table gets rid of the heavy feeling, but still maintains the full texture. You can choose the design and color according to the style of your home, and create an exclusive private kitchen for you and your family. It is indeed one of the necessary materials for the overall cabinet customization.

03 bedrooms

  The bedroom occupies one-third of a person's daily life. Choose the most comfortable design style, reduce redundant design and layout to create a warm and comfortable sleeping space.

  Based on the simple style, some exquisite soft decoration elements and luxurious materials are used to enhance the texture. The top of the bay window or the background wall can be polished with artificial stone details, reflecting a delicate and elegant space style everywhere.

04 bathroom

  At the moment when full bathroom customization is prevalent, creating a personalized bathroom space to express one's distinctive attitude has become an experience that consumers desire.    

  The bathroom is often the highlight of household cleaning due to long-term humidity. Engineered stone solid surfaces are easy to clean. Artificial stone can be used for large-area paving on the wall and floor of the bathroom or on the countertop of the bathroom. Gentle,clean appearance, can greatly reduce the cleaning pressure.


White Carrara Quart c (1).jpg

05 table top

  Not easy to scratch; extremely high temperature resistant, not burnt; rich in color, almost no color difference, strong anti-pollution, not easy to penetrate stains, antibacterial, non-radiative surface material, it is a green environmental protection product; the color of the stone is consistent, does not fade, does not change color ;The material has high toughness and is not easy to break; easy to maintain, once and for all, and cost-effective.