Our office feature wall just likes our company face. You can find our company name showed here. Our feature wall use one of the most pop stone-white onyx. The white color is one of the most classic color. Also the onyx can be called the most noble stone type. We make full use of the white onyx unique gloss, texture and vein to deliver our company concept. It forms a V shape. Through book match the two V forms double Win. Also from visual look, it is a tree image to integrate with the over all idea-nature.

white onyx.jpg

The onyx can be backlight. The light can be installed above the feature wall or the back of the wall to increase the beauty. When you have important date, you can turn on it to highlight your special attention for it.

white onyx 2.jpg

We are a one-stop supplier of stone items for your decoration whatever for your family house,villa, office, mansion, hotel and any other project. We offer different types of stone items for your wall background decoration.

1st is the butterfly concept.
The typical Panda white marble with black vein to create the image of butterfly, beautiful and lovely, the design concept is break the cocoon into a butterfly, suitable for both home decor and company feature wall, presents the power of grow up. Also black and white are the classic colors to match.
Butterfly design-3.jpg


Butterfly design-2.jpg

Black Onyx-2.jpg

2nd is the natural scenery concept

Look like Chinese ink painting, creating a natural scenery. Shows the elegant scenery, and the grand mountains and rivers. It gives people the feeling of peace and comfortable. Majestic mountain delivers the perseverance in overcoming difficulties. It symbolizes ambition,A nice decor to show your attitude towards life.
white marble like a pic-2.jpg

white marble like a pic-5 without light.jpg

white marble like a pic-1.jpg

3rd is the gourd concept

The pattern in this feature wall looks like a gourd, which has the meaning of health and longevity in Chinese. Putting the gourd at home means the family's health and longevity. At the same time, the gourd is also a symbol of wealth and can bring wealth to the family. Of course, the meaning of gourd is not limited to these. For example, it means family harmony, because the gourd is composed of two identical parts, and the two parts form a whole, conveying that only by working together can the family be happy. Nice design for both home and office decor.
wood vein onyx.jpg

Red dragon onyx.jpg

4th is the river gathering concept

It looks like two rivers gather together, which not only displays the importance of unity, but also show the inclusiveness. The sea can hold the water from thousands of rivers. It's big becaouse of its capacity. Everyone should unite each other together and consider about others, the family or team will be prosperous and flourishing.
Blue Quartz-2.jpg

Wood vein onyx.jpg

Green onyx TV background wall.jpg

5th is the flower concept

It looks like a flower, means rich and honored, also symbolizes good luck and contains the meaning of good blessing.
Blue onyx.jpg Flower-3.jpg

flower-4.jpg flower-2.jpg

6th is the water wave concept

Looks like the water wave, which is a decorative pattern that expresses auspicious meaning that we are very familiar with. It is also called swirl pattern, which is a kind of arts and crafts. It has the meaning of brightness, glory and eternity, and it also symbolizes wisdom. 


7th is geometric concept.

To full use of the natural stone geometric patterns to finish the design. It is very popular.  It creates comfortable visual effect, The infinite loop design deliver the concept of  infinite possibilities. Nothing is impossible, because itself said I’m possible.
Panda white marble.jpg

White marble as TV background wall.jpg

8th is colored world.
Using the stone varied color brighten your building. You can see from these imaged. It create a colored world. You can choose your liked color to match your overall decoration.
natural agate.jpg


Honey onyx-1.jpg

9th Special art.
This feature is totally made of natural stone. It forms an eye. A special eye . It is a piece of natural art.

Green natural quartz.jpg

Except these feature there are many other infinite design. After all the natural stone is changeable. So welcome to come to us with your requirement. It will be worthy for you. We will suggest the workable stone types for you based on your concept.