2018 Xiamen Ydstone supplies a variety of new white marble.

Xiamen Ydstone offering all kinds of new China white marbles with good price. Those are Chinese carrara white marble, cremo delicato marble, Chinese Arabescato marble, pure white marble, white marble with gold veins, new volakas white marble.

Carrara marble is a type of white or blue-grey marble of high quality, popular for use in sculpture and building decor. 30x60 China carrara white marble tile for floor and wall.

Chinese carrara white marble.jpg

Good quality of cremo delicato marble compared with other varieties. It has characteristics of compact structure, strong sense of jade quality, high gloss and good light transmittance. Stylist can use these characteristic, tie-in other material, cooperate the application of lamplight. It can achieve the adornment effect of jade material basically, and can greatly reduce the cost, and avoid the jade too fancy texture, to give a restrained implicit aesthetic.

Cremo delicato marble.jpg

The marble Chinese Arabescato Carrara (Calacatta Oro) is a natural stone used for fine ornamental works. With its refined white color with grey veins, the Arabescato Carrara is a indoor marble very renowned on an international level.

Chinese Arabescato marble.jpg          Chinese Arabescato marble 2.jpg

The prices of pure white jade marble and white marble withe gold veins are quite competitive from Ydstone.

pure white marble.jpg          white marble with gold veins.jpg

The elegant volakas white marble and new volakas marble are the most know wite marbles in the world. They are popular used in home interior wall decorations.

Volakas white.jpg          new volakas white.jpg